Easy Python for Absolute Beginners

Easily learn the Basics of Python via project from scratch for absolute beginners. From the Pro programmer & Teacher

COURSE AUTHOR - Musavi Abdullah

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What you'll learn

1. Project based Python + 5 Projects , Learn basics of Python easily : 1-Age calculator, 2-Drawing very simple shapes ,3-Basic calculator, 4-Degree to Radian convertor, 5-Area of circle calculator
2. Install \u0026 start using Python and IDLE on Windows 10
3. Install \u0026 customize Pycharm
4. Comments in Python
5. Variables in Python (int, float, string, bool)
6. Type casting and conversion
7. Getting inputs from users
8. Working with Strings
9. String Methods (lower, replace, find,…)
10. String slicing \u0026 String formatting
11. Arithmetic operators \u0026 Precedence of operators
12. Assignment, Identity and Membership operators
13. Numeric functions ( pow, sum, round, …)
14. Using modules in Python
15. Math module in Python (pi, log, sqrt, sin, cos, tan ,…)
16. datetime \u0026 platform modules in Python
17. Using dir() function in Python

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